„Filtration separates what’s useful from

what’s harmful. Filtration is our core area

of expertise.“

Alfred Weber, President & Chief Executive Officer MANN+HUMMEL

„We see the changes as an opportunity

and are addressing them in a concerted


Emese Weissenbacher, Chief Financial Officer MANN+HUMMEL

„We speak the same language.

We’re all filtration experts.“

Sigfrid Steiner, Group Vice President & General Manager Wix-Filtron Europe

„We can achieve so much more

together. The best results can only

be achieved in a team.“

Danielle Silvester, Project Manager Post-Merger Actitivies - MANN+HUMMEL

„It’s our employees who decide

whether or not we’re successful.“

Ralph Müller, Director Post-Merger Activities MANN+HUMMEL

„We all pursue one common objective:

Leadership in Filtration.

This demands an atmosphere of trust.“

Keith Wilson, President MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology

„Intelligent technologies combined with

our knowledge of filtration, will boost

our position as a market leader.“

Ping Kian Bee, Director MANN+HUMMEL Internet of Things Lab

Issue 2016: Fast Forward

“The deal will obviously also help

us to push on with our vision

of Leadership in Filtration.”

Alfred Weber, President & Chief Executive Officer MANN+HUMMEL

„Over a decade ago, I named

MANN+HUMMEL as the company

I would most like to work with.“

Keith Wilson, President MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology

“We’re sure that Keith Wilson

and his team will continue to lead

Wix-Filtron with the same success

the company has enjoyed in the past.”

Manfred Wolf, Executive Chairman MANN+HUMMEL
Filtration Technology

“The challenge lies in

relaying the typical sporty

engine sound to the


Matthias Alex, Manager Noise, Vibration,
Harshness (NVH)/Validation Acoustics

“This is a major challenge

for man and machine.”

Jürgen Werres, director of Leibfritz gravel quarry

Issue 2015: Focus

"When I concentrate on

a task, I forget everything

else around me."

Henriette Krohn, Media Relations, MANN+HUMMEL

"Our focus is on performing

our work quickly and without

errors, day after day."

Tom Bromley, Service Technician, MANN+HUMMEL VOKES AIR

"It is important to

focus on what is most

important to you."

Stewart Friedman, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, USA

"All of our new acquisitions

over the past few years have

focussed on filtration."

Manfred Wolf, President & General Manager, MANN+HUMMEL

"A spirit that concerns

itself with different businesses

cannot focus."

Martin Luther (1483-1546), Germany